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As we get older we lose something in ourselves. We live in fear of rejection, fear of failure, and fear of the unknown. We have this idea that certain people are born great. That there are only a select few who are born with superior genetics. We have all at some point believed that greatness is reserved for a select few, but in reality we all have the same innate ability to be great. That golfer who may be better than you, or that singer who can belt those high notes isn’t necessarily better than you. But what they have done is spent more hours practicing their craft. Life never fails to show you that whatever you put in is exactly what you get out. The choice is ours, every day we choose to be average, to just get by, or to be great. I am not one to believe that success is tangible—it is a mindset…one that never rests. That extra 10 lbs on the bar, that extra rep in a round, or even that extra phone call at work at the end of the day, all make a difference in the big picture. I’m a firm believer that when you commit to anything you give it 100%. I don’t believe it does you or anyone else justice to give anything less than your all every day. One of my favorite quotes by Marianne Williamson is,


The universe is neutral to your thought and it respond back to you without any rectification and favorism. We are bombarded by countless thoughts but the best mechanism to impress your subconscious mind is through focusing yourself to the thought relevant with your dream goals and give space in your thought zone to the thought which can prosper your life to get noticed in crowd of trillions. The best secret of success says “Never under estimate your infinite intelligence rather always appreciate it through positive self affirmations”. Whatever thought is vividly played inside your thought manufacturing zone, it starts to impress miracle creating subconscious mind which is magnetic internal compass for attracting positive circumstances in life. the solid concrete truth is, quality of thought determines quality of life you live, quality of people you align with and quality of circumstances you can have in your life and vice versa. The best way to apply this law in your life is, firstly identify your deep rooted burning desire and write it down on small cards with deadlines and write down some positive self empowering affirmations regarding your dream to impress your subconscious mind which is divinely blessed mind and has great connection with divine source. If you once impress your subconscious mind and if you start to own your dream with your mind’s eye then subconscious mind will drives you on the highway of life and success breaking all flood gates of impossibilities and you will be driven by your subconscious mind with full momentum, enthusiasm, massive passionate action, strong self belief, strong faith on lord and with lion like courage. The subconscious is like a power house where your every thought driven actions forms a blue print for achieving huge success in the highway of life and action so always feed your subconscious with quality vivid thought which can script your quality life. If your subconscious is well programmed regarding your dream goals smartly and wisely then it will makes you a living magnet and finally you can land in the life with abundance, prosperity, happiness and peace

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"There is no such thing as a small miracle. A gym is a place of miracles. People do things they once thought impossible—lifting heavier, squeezing out one more rep, finding discipline and willpower they didn’t know they had. They’re amazed at how good they feel and look, and they carry their new power into the world. This is the miracle I wanted to give to the world." - Joe Wieder

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“Do Bombs Recognize Children?”


“Do Bombs Recognize Children?”

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